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Why Customised Jewellery?

Crafted Ornaments that bear a signature style or meaning have great emotional value and creative appeal. A remarkable vigour, it has the capability to make one radiate confidence and singularity. Your dream design ideas come to life at the creative powerhouse of Samaara.

Classic Jewellery

I just want to be timeless yet timely, eternal yet exclusive and suave at the same time. Call me traditional, bridal, ancient, antique or the one who adores kaarigari; invariably inspiring people to have a piece of their own. I take pride in the traditional ways.

Transformative Jewellery

Why should clothes have all the fun? I'm the ideal DIY; one accessory in many ways... Not to mention I've got the bubbly manner, just the right amount of mischief, and a magnetic charm that works on all. After all, life is a matter of jewellery choices at the right time. We strive to provide value and our “Buy one – wear in many ways” collection of jewellery is a testimony of that.

Sustainable Jewellery

Adorn me and I'll create a world where the environment doesn't need protection. Mindful about your chunk in our world's future? Don't worry, we have got you covered too. I love radiating Go Green vibes from miles away. This collection uses silver, gold and sustainable diamonds which are diamonds curated in the lab to provide you with the same lustre and shine as that of naturally mined diamonds.

We are here to customise your jewellery just the way you want it in the most unique way possible making sure that it's one of a kind!


"A customer's review is worth more than a thousand words we could have said for ourselves."

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